Public Speaking Training

报名public speaking的课程,昨天是第一堂

Coached by Felix

Rule of Coaching::
1. No Judgement Zone
    - positive criticization, do not judge, assess

2. Footage never lie
    - video the training/ presentation, go through the video and improve from that

Public Speaking FlipCharts

1.  Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others
     - 1-D (dimension) thinking - its a spectrum of thought - how good is this
     - 2-D thinking - black or white judgement - good or bad
     - 3-D thinking - when /where is the good of this thing; it open up more opportunity and possibilities
=     eg: sugar
Sugar is good or bad for diet?  answer only have good or bad = 2D thinking
How good is sugar for diet? 1D thinking
When/where is the good of sugar for diet? 3-D thinking

2.  My first is my worst
     - every time the first time when you do it or try it
       accept yourself - 30% performance (out of your imaginary 100% good)
       accept the facts that : you gonna be sucks
= prepare for the worst, accept your worst, it going to make you less tension, less nervous and relax more.

3.   Meridian Study
      - what causes speaker communicate well with the audience?
      - ?50% body languague
      -  30% tonality
      - words are not as important as you think
      - full body communications - hands, stage anchoring

5 minutes preparation, 2 minutes presentation
Free topics

4.  Own your content
     - drill your content until super deep

5.  Feynmann techiniques
     - When, where, what, how....
     - consistant with the quality of presentation
     - people remember how you END the presentation but not how you start

6.  Brain tree
     - Big idea - go wide before go deep
     - Supporting ideas (3-5 sub ideas )

2 minutes preparation, 1 minute presentation
Free topics

7.  Show, don't tell
     - as much as possible
     - show the 'heaven' and the 'hell'

8.  Grace is the absence of unnecessaries
     - landing street should be as smooth/ flat/ clean as possible

2weeks later
12 minutes presentation (minimum 10 minutes)
Core topics of your next presentation

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