Destination Postcard

A letter from one year later Me

Dear Liam, 
I am so thankful because of your decision to start to love yourself. 

You respect your fitness, made exercise a weekly routine to keep body strong to go on and face challenges. 
You love yourself, picking those nutritious food to build up a healthy body, staying away from those sedentary lifestyle related illness and comorbidity.
This making up a healthy body, as a fundamental to carry a good quality of life.
You started to give yourself self appreciation and self respect.
Thank you for setting up a clearer vision on priorities in life. Do things for yourself, not do things on other people’s expectation. 
Keep the good habits going on. Keep learning.  Work hard for a better version of you everyday.
Living life simple, and living a simple life.

A letter from one year ago Me

Dear Liam, 
I wish you would have a clearer mindset about your priorities in Life. 
I wish you set up priorities on your visions and goals.
I wish you do things with aims.
I wish you able to appreciate what is self-love, self worth, self respect, and self appreciation.
I wish you make fitness a routine in life, making effort give out your time, planned budget to get yourself a fit body.
I wish you have confident in your own self image and able to speak confidently in front of other and public.
I wish you live your life without judgemental mindset, without victim mindset and without self destructive mindset.
I wish you always have believes, believe in yourself and start to chase your dream.
Liam, you did well for the past, no regret, and we start now, do a better one for the future.

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