Dunning-Kruger Graph in Aesthetics


The Dunning-Kruger Graph in Aesthetics

There are thousands of people that inject. Even more if you consider all of those that trained to inject but then dropped out

What happened??
Whenever we learn something new, we often have an illusory superiority - a feeling that we are somehow ‘better’ than others. An internal illusion of high ability. You’ll see this on Instagram. Those that have just started out injecting...perhaps been around a year or so and yet have self-proclaimed titles such as Public Figure, Master Injector, Number 1 Injector/Trainer. And of course, it’s generally a load of codswallop.

This is also when injectors are their most dangerous...because they feel their skills and assessment are better than they really are. So then mistakes happen.
And it’s these mistakes that can then lead to the Valley of Despair. They start to realise they’ve been idiots, that actually their knowledge is verging on the lowest in their field, a grain of sand in fact. They know, virtually nothing, and some may even drop out at this point.

This is because no matter what we are taught, in a day, in a week, in a few months - NEVER compares to the skills and expertise of lifelong learning. It doesn’t matter what social media skills you have at self promoting, how enthusiastic you are...to master a craft takes years.

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